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3DMark 1.5.915

3DMark Review:

 Are you looking for a powerful yet flexible tool that will help in testing and benchmarking your PC or laptop or handheld device's hardware? Do you want to test and check out the performance of your latest 4K gaming PC? Well, 3DMark is the software that will help in comparing the performance of your hardware with over 2500 other devices.

 About 3DMark

 The 3DMark is a comprehensive and full-fledged benchmarking software that does eight individual benchmarks to assess the performance of tablets, notebooks, latest gaming PCs and laptops. This software is designed to suit gamers, system builders and overclockers who want to get the most out of the hardware that they are using. If you are very serious about your hardware's performance and want it to be at the best all times, then 3DMark will show if your hardware is good or not. It is the most complete benchmarking tool with top quality performance that you would love to have installed on your Windows computer. 

 Salient Features

 The important features of the 3DMark benchmarking software are given below.
 - Eight individual benchmark tests to carry out complete performance test of your hardware.
 - In depth and interactive high-performance graphs.
 - Benchmarking for DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 hardware.
 - Comparison test of DirectX 12, DirectX 11 and Mantle with API Overhead.
 - Compare the test scores with other Android, Windows and iOS devices.
 - Tablets to desktop gaming PCs can be easily tested for performance.

 Tests Carried Out

 Fire Strike 

 It is a test carried out to check today's high performing gaming PCs. Fire Strike Extreme is a test that you can use to check performance of high-end systems that uses multiple GPUs. Fire Strike Ultima can be used to carry 4K Ultra HD benchmark tests. 

 Sky Driver

 This is a DirectX 11 test that checks the graphics cards, integrated graphics and mobile GPUs of mid range PCs and gaming laptops. 

 Ice Storm

 This benchmarking test is done on entry-level PCs, Smartphones and tablets. This test is used to carry out chip to chip off-screen test of CPUs and GPUs. 

 Cloud Gate

 The performance of DirectX 10 hardware in notebooks and home PCs are tested using Cloud Gate. 

 The 3DMark is an awesome graphics benchmarking tool that is designed to push your computer to the limits and test its gaming performance. It is very easy software to use and you do not have to know the technical sides of the software to use it.

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